Saves you time and money by powering your electric vehicle at home.

RSX-1K Home EV Charger

For single-phase homes

RJX-3 Home EV Charger

For 3-phase homes

RJX-3 Home EV Charger

For 3-phase homes

From RM3,288 RM1,977

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Why Choose ChargeSingh

Social Impact Driven

We train and provide installation jobs to B40, Orang Asli & Orang Asal communities.

In-house installers

Our qualified installers guarantee a quality and long-lasting installation for your EV charger.

Affordable Pricing

The most affordable EV charger in Malaysia with local installation and after-sales support.

Safety Assured

Charge your EV with peace of mind knowing that our chargers are EVSE certified

Transparent Pricing

There are no hidden fees on all purchases and installations of chargers.

Local Warranty

Our EV chargers are backed by a local 2-year warranty.

Trusted by Malaysians

As a total-green solution organization, we are honoured to serve more than 2000+ clients in transitioning to the solar and EV lifestyle.

Level Up Your EV Charger Knowledge

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Power Up Your EV with the Sun: Solar-powered Charging at Home

Imagine driving your electric vehicle (EV) around town, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint. Then, you come home and plug it in to charge… using free energy from the sun! Here in Malaysia, that dream can become reality thanks to a powerful combination: solar panels and EV chargers.

New EV Road Tax Structure In Malaysia

Malaysia has recently announced a new road tax structure for electric vehicles (EVs) that will come into effect in 2026. This new structure aims to provide a more balanced and sustainable approach to taxing EVs while still encouraging their adoption.

Myth Busters: Debunking Common Misconceptions About Home EV Chargers

The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is an exciting step towards a cleaner future. However, it’s natural to have questions and concerns about this new technology. Particularly, home EV chargers can raise a few misconceptions. Let’s debunk some common myths and set the record straight.

Power Up at Home: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Home EV Charger

Owning an electric vehicle (EV) is a fantastic way to reduce your environmental impact and enjoy a smooth, quiet driving experience. But to truly unlock the convenience of EV ownership, you’ll need a home EV charger. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to choose the perfect charger for your needs.